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"Natural-Based Nutrition" - is the key component to all products of Spirit Plus Nutrition, a division of Spirit Plus, LLC. Unless horses are fed properly, their maximum potential can not be realized in these areas: Reproduction, Growth, Body Form, Speed, Endurance, Style, and Attractiveness. It is our belief that the foundational ingredient to both a happy horse, and a happy horse owner is: Optimum Health Through Balanced Nutrition. Prevention is always the best cure!

We provide natural nutritional products for horses with our complete line of SPN Maximizer Horse Feeds, and Supplements.

Our mission statement is "To achieve optimum health through premium-quality, natural- based nutrition. Our purpose is "To provide you with natural-based, quality products delivered to your door, at a fair price".

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"I just brought home 2 new horses in Feb, 2005, and even though they were in good shape, I felt their condition needed improvement, so I called Ron and he made a couple of suggestions on supplements for them. In two month's time, their condition has improved considerably. Even the winter coat they had became shiny and soft. One is a two year old Fjord and the other is a yearling Gypsy. Their mane and tails are soft and silky. Hair is very important in the Gypsy and he is developing the most beautiful, thick mane and feather. The hoof condition is strong and hard. Both have filled out nice, without getting fat and they seem very happy with the feed. They play all day and have energy, but are easy going and tame, and very easy to work with. Being young, that is surprising and welcome!! I don't know if the feed has anything to do with that factor, but they weren't that way when they came here and is has to be a contributing cause. Thank You for the products!!"

- Kay Peterson

SPN FREE-CHOICE Maximizer GRASS PLUS - A nutritional, free-choice supplement, containing SPN Custom Slick Mix 500® & Feed-Fresh™. Feed free-choice to horses of All Ages & Breeds, under Var...

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