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"Natural-Based Nutrition" - is the key component to all products of Spirit Plus Nutrition, a division of Spirit Plus, LLC. Unless horses are fed properly, their maximum potential can not be realized in these areas: Reproduction, Growth, Body Form, Speed, Endurance, Style, and Attractiveness. It is our belief that the foundational ingredient to both a happy horse, and a happy horse owner is: Optimum Health Through Balanced Nutrition. Prevention is always the best cure!

We provide natural nutritional products for horses with our complete line of SPN Maximizer Horse Feeds, and Supplements.

Our mission statement is "To achieve optimum health through premium-quality, natural- based nutrition. Our purpose is "To provide you with natural-based, quality products delivered to your door, at a fair price".

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"We have been absolutely thrilled with the way our two horses have responded to the SPN Senior Maximizer. Targo+ is a 26 year old 1/2 Arabian and Awesome+/ is a 20 year old 1/2 Arabian. Both suffer from Cushings Disease. Awesome+/ has had two bouts with Laminitis and is Diabetic. Targo+ has always had fluctuating insulin levels caused by the Cushings. A month before meeting Ron Bircher of Spirit Plus Nutrition at the Midwest Horse Fair, Awesome+/ stopped eating the Senior pellet we were feeding him from a leading brand name. He lost weight and we were at a loss as to what to feed him, as everything was either too high in sugar or he just would not eat it. After speaking with Ron at the horse fair he assured me Awesome+/ would eat their product. We decided we had nothing to lose, so I called Ron and he put us in touch with his distributor Ruth Casserly of SPN Pecatonica. Ruth was great, she drove 6 bags of grain all the way down to Somonauk, IL Within a couple of weeks we had the two horses switched over to the SPN Senior, and not a day has gone by where either of our horses has not cleaned their bowls. Targo+'s insulin levels are now normal and he is off his Thyroid medicine. We tell everyone about how wonderful the product is and how much our horses love it. People tell us all the time how great the two of them look for their age and both are very active. Targo+ at 26 is still ridden 5 days a week and Awesome+/ is ridden every other day. We really are grateful to Ron and to Ruth for a wonderful product & wonderful service. Many Thanks!"

- Marilyn Kurz & Roberta Josephs
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SPN DIGESTION Maximizer PLUS Pellet (.5#) - A pelleted nutritional supplement containing SPN Custom Slick-Mix 500® & Feed-Fresh™. To be fed to horses of All Ages & Breeds, receiving Various qual...

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SPN DIGESTION Maximizer PLUS Pellet (.5#)
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