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Q:  What are the benefits of buying Spirit Plus Nutrition Maximizer feeds?

Along with all of the obvious benefits of feeding an all-natural feed, new SPN customers can expect the following benefits:

  • Less hyper horses – better control / better attention
  • Stronger immune system
  • Lower veterinary and/or health care costs
  • Consistent nutrition - Horses receive exact same nutrition in every meal
  • Consistent and dependable results for performance horses
  • Less health problems relating to digestive disorders – (i.e. colic & founder)
  • A balanced TOTAL diet that optimizes overall health
  • A balanced TOTAL diet that fits the metabolism of your breed, or breeds
  • Time savings and reduced labor expense
  • Lowered feed expense by reduced waste and/or nutrient overlaps

Q:  What differences can I expect to see in my horses, and how soon, if I feed them SPN Custom Slick Mix 500, or SPN Maximizer feeds?
A:  The majority of our customers report most, if not all, of the following benefits, within 90 to 120 days after starting with Spirit Plus:
  • Improved Overall Health
  • Reduced Feed Costs
  • Enhanced, Healthy, Foal Development
  • Improved Muscle & Body Form
  • Slicker Hair Coat
  • Improved Hoof Development & Condition
  • Stronger, Livelier Foals
  • Improved Reproduction and Milk Flow
  • Improved Speed and Endurance
  • Win More 4-H & Open Show, Classes & Timed Events.

Q:  How does SPN Custom Slick Mix 500 differ from all of the other horse mineral-vitamin supplements?
A:  SPN Custom Slick Mix 500 is MUCH more than just an equine mineral-vitamin supplement, it also provides the following:
  • Chelated Trace Minerals, which are 3 to 5 times MORE AVAILABLE to the horse than trace minerals from sulfate, carbonate, or oxide sources.
  • A full spectrum of B-complex vitamins balanced for the nutritional needs of horses of all ages and breeds.
  • Digestive Therapy not found in any other equine supplement, that provides the synergistic benefits of yeast cultures, probiotics, and Suppli-mix.

Q:  What is Digestive Therapy & why is it important to me and my horses?
A:  Digestive Therapy is the synergistic effect brought about by combining the proper levels, & proper strains, of yeast cultures, probiotics, and Suppli-mix. Digestive Therapy is important for you and your horses because, hay and grains often loose a lot of their digestibility through improper harvesting and storage. Digestive Therapy in SPN Custom Slick- Mix 500, provides the essential products that promote therapeutic action in your horse’s digestive system. This will cause your horse to get the most out of digestion and nutrient absorption, leading your horse to it’s maximum potential in growth; body form; speed; endurance; reproduction, & all-around health. Most stables that keep records on feed consumption, report a 10 to 15% savings in feed, when using SPN Custom Slick- Mix 500, or feeds containing SPN Custom Slick- Mix 500.

Q:  Who made this great looking website?
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