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No new posts Anne Fosdal
Imagine Farms
Bellville, Wisconsin
I've used Spirit Plus for almost a year now and I can't believe the results there products have giving my horses. Ron is there to help you figure out a feeding program if your horse has special needs or is a hard keeper. I can't believe the shine my horses have and how healthy they look. I've gotten a lot of great comments on how they look. I would recommand Spirit Plus grain to anyone. They're the BEST!!! 09/25/2008
03:12 PM
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Dun As Can Be
Roscoe, Illinois
I have just recently started using SPN Products . . . feeding both a broodmare and a halter prospect. After speaking with the staff at the NIL Horse Fest I found them all to be very helpfull and knowlegeable. After only a week of feeding I have noticed a huge attitude change in my colt. I am going to attribute his newfound calm and cooperativeness to SPN. Keep up the good work! Will have pics of my "kid" up soon at henhousehair.com 09/03/2006
08:43 PM
No new posts Tami Newman
Cedar Hills Stable
Mazomanie, Wisconsin
I have a 14 year old Appaloosa named Cruise. He is an old-time type with a broom stick tail and short mane. I have always been concerned about his coat and hooves. He was always susceptible to skin irritations and rashes and in the winter did not grow a thick coat like my other horse does. I began feeding him Sprirt Plus Maximizer horse feeds about 2 years ago and this winter Cruise's coat is soft and shiny and THICKER than ever before. And as an added plus, when we pulled his shoes for the winter, his feet have not chipped like they have in the past. Thank You Ron and Shirley for such a wonderful product. 01/14/2005
02:33 PM
No new posts Carl Reiche
Dundee Training Stable
Wild Rose, Wisconsin
In our very first year of using feeds containing SPN Custom Slick Mix 500 from Spirit Plus Nutrition, we had our most successful show season ever up to that point, Coincidence? We think NOT!! The finish that these products put on our horses is unparalleled! 05/20/2004
02:36 PM
No new posts Kay Peterson

Owatonna, Minnesota
I just brought home 2 new horses in Feb, 2005, and even though they were in good shape, I felt their condition needed improvement, so I called Ron and he made a couple of suggestions on supplements for them. In two month's time, their condition has improved considerably. Even the winter coat they had became shiny and soft. One is a two year old Fjord and the other is a yearling Gypsy. Their mane and tails are soft and silky. Hair is very important in the Gypsy and he is developing the most beautiful, thick mane and feather. The hoof condition is strong and hard. Both have filled out nice, without getting fat and they seem very happy with the feed. They play all day and have energy, but are easy going and tame, and very easy to work with. Being young, that is surprising and welcome!! I don't know if the feed has anything to do with that factor, but they weren't that way when they came here and is has to be a contributing cause. Thank You for the products!!
No new posts Carol McCauley

Franklin Grove, Illinois
To Mr. Ron Bircher at Spirit Plus Nutrition. I just wanted to let you know I am wholly committed to your product. Actually, I was convinced by the information from your distributor, Ruth Casserly of SPN Pecatonica, about your products when I met her at the Midwest Horse Fair. On the new regimen of your grain and SPN Digestion Max 25 Pellet my flighty, spooky, spirited mare has settled down on the whole and is getting to her normal weight instead of overly fat. I couldn’t be more pleased, but then I had its value confirmed in an almost magical way. After losing my husband suddenly, I found myself in the situation of having to take in a few horses for board to make ends meet. One happened to be a severely underweight 18-year-old mare that the owner suspected might end up having to be put down, but the vets had assured the owner nothing was obviously wrong with her. I talked to Ruth about the amount and schedule I should use. I followed her advice and in THREE DAYS you would not have believed it was the same horse. Her head was held high, she actually began to move at a trot (she walked slowly before), and her ribs were no longer prominently showing. I was amazed and when the owner returned to see her in a week, she was so happy she almost cried. Now it has been three months since the mare was introduced to your program of grain and supplement and she is so good looking my farrier wanted to know when the old mare had died and when I had gotten a new horse. He had been there the second day after the mare arrived and was shocked to find out this was the ‘old mare’. I handed out your (Ruth’s) brochures. So here is another convert to your program. I thank you for caring for ‘our’ horses and I sincerely hope your business grows so big that your program becomes the ‘standard fare’ for all horses. Respectfully, Carol McCauley Franklin Grove, Illinois
No new posts Robert & Mary Hathaway
Barneveld, WI
Our Donovan, is a happy, healthy, 5 year old Friesian Sport Horse gelding. He is shown in Competative Driving and Ridden Dressage and doing extremely well. We have people come up to us wherever we have him to compliment us on how beautiful he is. He has been on Spirit Plus for two years. Not only is it a great feed, but we enjoy the convenience of having the supplements included, and the quality of the feed is always consistent. Nothing but raves for the service - Thank you Ron.
No new posts Marilyn Kurz & Roberta Josephs
Our Farm
Somonauk, IL
We have been absolutely thrilled with the way our two horses have responded to the SPN Senior Maximizer. Targo+ is a 26 year old 1/2 Arabian and Awesome+/ is a 20 year old 1/2 Arabian. Both suffer from Cushings Disease. Awesome+/ has had two bouts with Laminitis and is Diabetic. Targo+ has always had fluctuating insulin levels caused by the Cushings. A month before meeting Ron Bircher of Spirit Plus Nutrition at the Midwest Horse Fair, Awesome+/ stopped eating the Senior pellet we were feeding him from a leading brand name. He lost weight and we were at a loss as to what to feed him, as everything was either too high in sugar or he just would not eat it. After speaking with Ron at the horse fair he assured me Awesome+/ would eat their product. We decided we had nothing to lose, so I called Ron and he put us in touch with his distributor Ruth Casserly of SPN Pecatonica. Ruth was great, she drove 6 bags of grain all the way down to Somonauk, IL Within a couple of weeks we had the two horses switched over to the SPN Senior, and not a day has gone by where either of our horses has not cleaned their bowls. Targo+'s insulin levels are now normal and he is off his Thyroid medicine. We tell everyone about how wonderful the product is and how much our horses love it. People tell us all the time how great the two of them look for their age and both are very active. Targo+ at 26 is still ridden 5 days a week and Awesome+/ is ridden every other day. We really are grateful to Ron and to Ruth for a wonderful product & wonderful service. Many Thanks!
No new posts Nicki Butler

Mc Farland, Wisconsin
Hey Ron, "Junior", aka Chekov my horse with Cushings, really likes his new food and is licking up every trace. And over the last few weeks as he's shed out the summer coat and grown in the winter coat he's broken out in dapples all over. Just wanted to let you know how great he looks and how happy he is with your feed. Thanks!!
No new posts Anke Johnson

Madison, Wisconsin
My horse, Murphy, is an appendix QH and lives in WI. He lives outdoors all year long, never in a stall. Every winter, he’s had trouble keeping weight on, and then in the spring, he has trouble shedding out. Since I board him, I don’t have as much control over his living situation as I would like. So this winter, I decided to blanket him after he had grown a decent winter coat, and I consulted Ron from Spirit Plus about his weight issues. Ron suggested some of the food-grade ground flax seed, the SPN Digestion Max. 25 Pellet, and I also opted for N.O.M.S. = for nutritional support against parasites. This winter, he’s done great! He gained about 75 pounds after I put him on Ron’s suggested supplements, and fleshed out to a healthier normal weight. His spirit, energy and temperament also improved, and he has a wonderful gloss and shine to his coat. He is also shedding out normally this year, the first time ever. This gives me so much peace of mind knowing that what he needs nutritionally, is what he’s getting. Thanks Ron for helping my horse finally get the nutrition that he needs, and making it easy and affordable to do so!
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