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No new posts Nicki Butler

Mc Farland, Wisconsin
Hey Ron, "Junior", aka Chekov my horse with Cushings, really likes his new food and is licking up every trace. And over the last few weeks as he's shed out the summer coat and grown in the winter coat he's broken out in dapples all over. Just wanted to let you know how great he looks and how happy he is with your feed. Thanks!!
No new posts Anke Johnson

Madison, Wisconsin
My horse, Murphy, is an appendix QH and lives in WI. He lives outdoors all year long, never in a stall. Every winter, he’s had trouble keeping weight on, and then in the spring, he has trouble shedding out. Since I board him, I don’t have as much control over his living situation as I would like. So this winter, I decided to blanket him after he had grown a decent winter coat, and I consulted Ron from Spirit Plus about his weight issues. Ron suggested some of the food-grade ground flax seed, the SPN Digestion Max. 25 Pellet, and I also opted for N.O.M.S. = for nutritional support against parasites. This winter, he’s done great! He gained about 75 pounds after I put him on Ron’s suggested supplements, and fleshed out to a healthier normal weight. His spirit, energy and temperament also improved, and he has a wonderful gloss and shine to his coat. He is also shedding out normally this year, the first time ever. This gives me so much peace of mind knowing that what he needs nutritionally, is what he’s getting. Thanks Ron for helping my horse finally get the nutrition that he needs, and making it easy and affordable to do so!
No new posts Joan Baker

Arena, Wisconsin
“How tickled I am! I had a fecal done with my horses to see if I needed to deworm, which I never even use to question. I always thought you just had to deworm every 8 weeks, or so. They were literally “worm-free”. There was NOTHING! It was UNBELIEVABLE! At the vet clinic they said they could not find a thing! Not one thing, not even 1 species of parasite! NOTHING! I am thrilled to pieces over the results my horses & I have experienced with N.O.M.S., SPN Digestion Maximizer, Ground Flax seed, & Free-choice Maximizer from Spirit Plus Nutrition! I am just starting to realize that a fecal exam is the way to go. I should have been doing it all of these years, you know, 30 years of having horses. So, I just wanted to share that with you. I am just thrilled to pieces! Maybe you should put that in your newsletter that N.O.M.S. is a great product! Instruct people on how to properly use it along with the SPN Maximizer products, and they will get great results, I am sure!”
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