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"Natural-Based Nutrition" - is the key component to all products of Spirit Plus Nutrition, a division of Spirit Plus, LLC. Unless horses are fed properly, their maximum potential can not be realized in these areas: Reproduction, Growth, Body Form, Speed, Endurance, Style, and Attractiveness. It is our belief that the foundational ingredient to both a happy horse, and a happy horse owner is: Optimum Health Through Balanced Nutrition. Prevention is always the best cure!

We provide natural nutritional products for horses with our complete line of SPN Maximizer Horse Feeds, and Supplements.

Our mission statement is "To achieve optimum health through premium-quality, natural- based nutrition. Our purpose is "To provide you with natural-based, quality products delivered to your door, at a fair price".

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"“How tickled I am! I had a fecal done with my horses to see if I needed to deworm, which I never even use to question. I always thought you just had to deworm every 8 weeks, or so. They were literally “worm-free”. There was NOTHING! It was UNBELIEVABLE! At the vet clinic they said they could not find a thing! Not one thing, not even 1 species of parasite! NOTHING! I am thrilled to pieces over the results my horses & I have experienced with N.O.M.S., SPN Digestion Maximizer, Ground Flax seed, & Free-choice Maximizer from Spirit Plus Nutrition! I am just starting to realize that a fecal exam is the way to go. I should have been doing it all of these years, you know, 30 years of having horses. So, I just wanted to share that with you. I am just thrilled to pieces! Maybe you should put that in your newsletter that N.O.M.S. is a great product! Instruct people on how to properly use it along with the SPN Maximizer products, and they will get great results, I am sure!” "

- Joan Baker

SPN FREE-CHOICE Maximizer GRASS PLUS - A nutritional, free-choice supplement, containing SPN Custom Slick Mix 500® & Feed-Fresh™. Feed free-choice to horses of All Ages & Breeds, under Var...

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