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Arena, Wisconsin
“How tickled I am! I had a fecal done with my horses to see if I needed to deworm, which I never even use to question. I always thought you just had to deworm every 8 weeks, or so. They were literally “worm-free”. There was NOTHING! It was UNBELIEVABLE! At the vet clinic they said they could not find a thing! Not one thing, not even 1 species of parasite! NOTHING! I am thrilled to pieces over the results my horses & I have experienced with N.O.M.S., SPN Digestion Maximizer, Ground Flax seed, & Free-choice Maximizer from Spirit Plus Nutrition! I am just starting to realize that a fecal exam is the way to go. I should have been doing it all of these years, you know, 30 years of having horses. So, I just wanted to share that with you. I am just thrilled to pieces! Maybe you should put that in your newsletter that N.O.M.S. is a great product! Instruct people on how to properly use it along with the SPN Maximizer products, and they will get great results, I am sure!”
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